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About TOTEM School Bags

Setting the school bag standard

TOTEM has evolved over the years into a label with its own identity. It has become a trusted name in school bags and school backpacks and developed a strong brand following. The TOTEM brand embodies a culture of manufacturing quality, consistently using the finest raw materials and production methods. TOTEM can therefore confidently offer a lengthy guarantee for their schoolbags.

Leading school bag design and style

TOTEM’s success extends into both the schoolbag, backpack and accessory markets, providing a beautiful professional product. Consistent high quality, attention to detail, special embellishments and trendy graphic designs sets TOTEM school bags aside from the rest.

Protecting our children’s future

Kids that carry TOTEM school bags experience the best form of back protection through the duration of their school years- and in particular during their development when damage is caused by poorly designed school bags and backpacks that cause lasting damage. The core difference of TOTEM school bags is that they are either fully Orthopaedic or Ergonomically designed schoolbags.

TOTEM school bags and backpacks have undergone extensive research and development. The benefits and special features are recognized and recommended by medical professionals. TOTEM school bags are independently indorsed by medical professionals.

Sharing our vision

In keeping faithful to the vision, TOTEM has cultivated a successful relationship with retailers, which is mutually beneficial and provides strong product opportunities. TOTEM remains committed to keeping the brand fresh, continuously developing innovative schoolbag and backpack designs inspired by latest market trends. TOTEM products are now available in a growing number of countries providing better protection to more families.

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