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Easy fundraising for your School

Our school partnering program is a great way for your school to raise funds. Select from one of the two options below and start raising funds now by buying TOTEM school bags - the highest quality schoolbags in New Zealand.

Provide your school children with the best form of back protection throughout the duration of their school years. The TOTEM school bag range is designed to provide effective spinal support and utilises orthopaedic and ergonomic schoolbag and backpack features.

A) Easy Online

TOTEM Bags provides schools and parents with an effective way to raise school funds with 10% of sales proceeds going to the school. Additionally we also offer parents a 10% discount with their online purchase so it’s a win-win for everyone.

  1. We provide your school with a unique fundraising code
  2. You promote TOTEM school bags in your school
  3. Bags are purchased directly on our website using your unique code
  4. Buyers get 10% discount of the recommended retail price
  5. We track your schools sales and provide the school with a further 10% rebate
  6. Free home delivery for orders, provided they meet with our minimum order value

B) Wholesale Direct

For schools that would like to take direct control over their stock and benefit from greater wholesale returns the Wholesale Direct method is a great option. Schools retain the difference between the wholesale and recommend retail price.

  1. Purchase TOTEM schoolbag stock at wholesale prices
  2. Sell bags at recommended retail and retain your proceeds (up to *$35.00 ea.)
  3. Minimum opening order for schoolbags - 5 cartons or 30 bags
  4. Colours can be assorted in each schoolbag range
  5. Future stock replenishment order quantity – 1 carton of 6 bags
  6. Free delivery for stock orders to your school

*Actual margins may vary with product and pricing.

Free bags for your school

Selling TOTEM school bags will entitle your school to 2 free TOTEM schoolbags annually which are great for raffles or as academic achievement prizes.

Free school crest printing

We offer a special service to print your school crest on any of our schoolbags. Choose the bag shape and size from our schoolbag range. We will print your logo free of charge on each school bag. We can provide you with an image of your bag choice together with your printed school crest for review.

Schoolbag Samples

We can even arrange to courier a sample bag for your assessment.

Get started now

Get started now by contacting us to raise funds the easy way.

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