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School Bags for Boys

School Bags for Boys

You may think buying a school bag for boys is easier that buying a school bag for girls because boys tend to be less "fussy" when it comes to selecting cool school bags. This may be true for some boys, however many boys would prefer to have a say in their school bag and one should always involve them in the purchase of their schoolbag and back to school stationary.

Boys do tend to be a bit rough with their belongings and one should therefore choose well made quality school bag that will last and not get damaged or break easily. Boys do tend to prefer school bags made from darker colours which may help to conceal the dirt here and there, however one should always get school bags for boys that can easily be wiped down and washed from time to time.

Many boys prefer backpacks to trolley type school bags and orthopaedic school bags will be a wise investment. School bags for boys that have a wide shoulder strap and reinforced back padding is ideal. Choose a lightweight school bag for boys to wear on their backs and encourage him to rather take a separate bag to keep all his extra clothes and sports gear in.

Older boys might also not always feel the need to pack their school bag with the books and other items they will only need on the day and tend to carry all their books and stationary to school on a daily basis. Parents should make an effort to insist that boys only pack the necessary books to school every day to keep the weight of their school bag down to avoid back problems caused from heavy school bags. Parents should also regularly check their boys' school bags for all sorts of small items that he might have forgotten in his schoolbag and carries unnecessarily to school and back every day.

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