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Terms & Conditions

Can you repair my TOTEM?

YES - If the damage falls within our Guarantee conditions. We will cover the costs of the repair if the problem was due to a manufacturing fault. Zippers are not included. We will repair bags that still fall within the guarantee period only. If you have had your TOTEM product longer than the stipulated guarantee period then you should arrange the repairs.

Are the Zippers guaranteed?

Zippers are NOT guaranteed as we have no control over the way they are used. If your zipper is damaged and is still within the guarantee, then post or drop off your bag at our offices and we will repair it for a nominal charge.

How do I assess if a bag is damaged due to abuse or if it is a factory defect?

We use high quality fabrics, parts and the best production methods when manufacturing our TOTEM products. If the bag is used in accordance with our care instructions your TOTEM bag will be used for many years.

Care instructions have not been followed if these problems have occurred.

A sharp instrument has pierced the fabric. Evidence that only one shoulder strap is used. Fabric is faded from leaving the bag in strong sunlight for extended periods. Fabric on outside pocket is worn due a lunch box that is too big. Worn fabric due to constant rubbing against a car seat . Wear on fabric will occur if bag is continuously thrown. Excessive weight packed and carried . Over packing the bag in excess of the recommended weight If the bag is sat on.

Can I change my mind and exchange my bag for another?

No problem – provided you bought from a retail store. You can have second thoughts. Stop by the retail store you purchased from and make the swop. Make certain that the original tags are attached and you have the original receipt. Be sure there are no marks on the product. You can only exchange products from our current range, not from previous years.

Can I exchange my bag , if I buy on line?

YES – on condition you cover the shipping return costs and the re-delivery shipping costs. Make certain that the original tags and packaging are included. Forward a copy of your original receipt. Be sure there are no marks or nicks on the product.

My order is late ? What shall I do ?

Unfortunately , we rely on other business services, such as courier companies or the Post Office. As it is not an ideal world there may be a slight delay on the shipping option you select. Wait an extra day and then contact us. We will track your parcel and advise when you should receive it.

Are the bag colours accurate on the photo image?

We try our best to be as close to the real product. Your computer monitor may show colour slightly differently from another.

Currency Conversion

Please note. All our online payments are converted from New Zealand dollars to South African Rand when processed as our head office is based in South Africa. Due to the inter-bank exchange rate conversion process from NZD to Rand we are not able to guarantee that the exact NZD amount will be debited to your account. Any benefit or loss on the conversion rate will be to your account.

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