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Hi there, received my daughters bag today.  It’s wonderful and very well made with lots of features.  I have friends asking to have a look at it too.  Very happy indeed with the bag.

Kind regards Angela, Christchurch.

Thanks so much for your e-mail and outstanding service. The bag arrived and is great. I am very impressed with it and my daughter seems to be pleased with it too, although it is hard to tell with a fourteen year old. I shall purchase another for my twelve year old daughter as soon as she has chosen a style she likes. Thank you for your help in purchasing, I am most impressed. Kind regards, Sarah. Winchester, South Island.

Sarah. Winchester, South Island.

" All the kids in my child’s class have Totem bags.  My daughter is the only one that did not have a Totem schoolbag.  She was so upset about the situation that she said she was not going to school until she got her bag.  I called the supplies but their stock was only available in 2 weeks.  I had a fair amount of coaxing to do, as my daughter was very upset.  I had no idea why so many children had the Totem bags.  I eventually bought my daughter her Totem bag and was most impressed with the product.  I now have a happy daughter back in her normal school routine. "

Dad with child in Stellenbosch Primary School

" My daughter was going to Grade 4 My husband and I explored all the different school bags available as we knew she would be carrying a lot more books.  We thought that the trolley bag was the best option.  In a trolley bag the weight is down on the ground and we figured that this was preferable.  Unfortunately, we found that her classroom was on the 3nd floor.  This meant that she would have to wear the trolley bag on her back as she was not allowed to pull it up or down the stairs.  After 4 months, she complained of back pain.  We took her to see a physiotherapist who told us that the trolley bag was not a good choice.  She explained that in order to pull the trolley one had to pull the shoulder back and rotate the back and the spine.  This position is not ideal over a lengthy period as it can distort the posture of growing kids.  Over and above this, the trolley mechanism adds more weight to the bag.  Carrying the trolley bag up and down the stairs would cause harm brought on by repetitive stress.  We were advised that the Totem Orthoapedic schoolbag is specially designed to carry heavy loads.  My daughter says that the load is lighter in her Totem bag. "

Parents from the Free State

" Before my son started grade 4, we were advised that he would be carrying a lot more books than in previous years.  My friends had warned me about this problem.  In preparation, we shopped around and found that there were many different school bags available in the market.  The Totem Orthopaedic schoolbag stood out as being the most impressive, with all the special features and obvious quality.  It was the only schoolbag that had a support system.  None of other bags had the same thick padding on the shoulder straps and on the back.  We knew this bag was the best choice.  We are really happy because his schoolbag load is a lot more manageable. "

Parents from Pretoria

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