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" I am a physiotherapist with 2 children at school.  I identified that the Totem school bags were well researched and had all the built in features to carry weight in a medically correct way.  I was so impressed with the bags that I began recommending them to my patients. Word soon spread and the demand grew.  I then decided to start selling the Totem school bags and I have done so for the past 6 years. "

Physiotherapist, mom and Totem agent

" I have 4 children at school. We were sick and tired of buying new bags so frequently.  It became an unnecessary expense. I was aware that Totem bags were really good quality and long lasting – but they were expensive.  We did the math.  We calculated that it was cheaper to buy 4 Totem school bags rather than many cheap bags that were all destined to fall apart.  It was the best decision we made.  Our kids have had their bags for years and they are in perfect condition. "

Happy parents

" My daughter used to complain that her bag was very heavy and uncomfortable.  She is slightly built and I was really concerned that the huge weight was damaging her back.  I noticed that she was stooping forward and hunching her back.  Even I battled to carry her bag.  A friend recommended that I try the Totem Orthopaedic schoolbag as her daughter was also using one.  Now my daughter no longer complains of back pain. She has also stopped hunching as the Totem bags have a special framework inside the bag that helps support the weight.  I am happy that I have given my child the best schoolbag available. "

Parent - Jan Celliers Primary school

" My child was going to 1st grade and I had to choose a schoolbag for her.  This was a daunting task as I had no idea which bag was ideal.  I asked one of the mothers with older kids.  She said that I should not even waste my time with any other bag.  She told me to go and get a Totem bag.  She said they are worth every cent.  I chose a stunning Totem bag and my daughter loves it. "

Mom - King David Primary school

" I won’t buy any other bag for my kids. All my children have Totem Orthopaedic school bags.  They have used them from Grade 1.  We have just changed over to the larger size bag for my 10 year old daughter.  She just loves her new Purple Totem bag. They really are quality bags and are beautifully designed. "

Mom - Yeshiva Primary school

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